May not be to everyone’s taste, but will definately please those who wish to try and experience something alternative, rediscovering time and leaving behind the frenzy of fast cooking and dining.

We suggest that you advise us in case of allergies and intolerances

You could start with…img

L’antipasto del Duca
A selection of salami, cheese and….

Mare e praterie della Spagna
Anchovies from Cantabrian Sea meet the Patanegra lard

Cantabria e Calabria
Sardines from Cantabrian Sea with red sweet onions stewed with Amarone wine

Il tagliere centro tavola
Platter with assorted salami, cheese and…
for 2 persons, for 4 persons

Cheese Fondue

with toasted bread min. 2 persons

La Valdostana
only cheese

with aromatic Sarawak pepper

with savour of “Enantio” Terra dei Forti (red wine) of Roeno Cellar

La Tartufata
with black truffles from Lessinia Mount

with gorgonzola and shropshire cheese

La Vegetariana
only cheese with fresh vegetables

Every Cheese Fondue is with vegetables and pinzimonio sauce served

Meat Fondue

minimo per 2 persone

La Bourguignonne ( oil )
250 gr. beef fillet, sauces and pinzimonio

La Fonduta del Duca ( oil )
250 gr. mixed meats, sauces and pinzimonio

La Chinoise (meat broth)
250 gr. beef fillet with sauces and potatoes with parsley

La Vigneronne (wine)
250 gr. beef fillet with sauces and sautéed potatoes

Alternative dishes

Beef Carpaccio
Thin slice of raw meat

Tagliata di Manzo al formaggio
slices of beef and Fontina cheese with vegetables

Filetto di Manzo Flambèe
250 gr. of beef fillet flamed at your table with vegetables

Filetto di Manzo su pietra Lavica di Madeira
250 gr. of beef fillet cooked over hot stone at your table with vegetables

Steak Tartare
250 gr.of raw beef fillet shredded and topped

Selezione di Formaggi
5 different cheeses with mostarda

The Delicacies

La Fonduta di Cioccolato fondente o bianco
fresh fruit and cookies to dip in the chocolate (dark or white) fondue
min. 2 persons

La Macedonia Flambèe
fruit salad flamed in Grand Marnier accompanied by ice cream

Le Crèpes Suzette
crèpes flamed at your table

Lo Scrigno dei freddi sapori
a spoonful of 5 sorts of semifreddo

Il Bacio del Duca
flavor of bacio semifreddo with strawberries