The Bed and Breakfast Relais San Michele is situated near the village of Gaium in the Rivoli Veronese area, a pleasant place on the right bank of the Adige river, to be exact within the Ceraino Sluice between sheer walls dug from the last quaternarie ice age.

Ceraino Sluice is an imposing rock filled canal at the exit of Val Lagarina, in the high veronese plain. It is a sinuous “S” shaped canal less than two kilometres long and a hundred of meters wide. The Church of Saint Michele is to be found here, rebuilt after the bombing on the 21 April 1945 in the sacristy of the destroyed church, which was constructed in 1562 and in its turn incorporated into a chapel perhaps with longobarda origins. It is constructed in “seregni” bricks (river pebbles), flat slabs and moulded limestone stones. The first time that I visited this place, I was completely taken in and thought that would be the exact site to realize the dream of my life. I still do not know if it was destiny or stupidity that made me to buy a house in an advanced state of abandonment, going back to the first half of the 1800s. After a scrupulous conservative restoration, in June of 2005, the house was finally declared liveable not only for my personal use but for anyone wishing to pass a bit of time in a context of tranquillity away from the hassle of the everyday living of modern times. If you also appreciate the particular sensibility of historical beauty that this place offers, then you will be the welcome in my house.